About C & R Insulation

C&R Insulation, LLC. began in Maryland in 2008. Ronald Larson and Chris Ignaczak started C&R Insulation in order to provide a high quality green insulation products to Mid-Atlantic.

Our goal is to bring quality green building products to the Mid-Atlantic so that homeowners and developers have the opportunity insulate their projects with the best product available. Both of us grew up in Mid-Atlantic and we know first-hand how cold the winters can be and how hot the summers can be. We are energy conservation minded people who saw an opportunity to provide a service to the area that wasn’t available, and to do positive things for the environment.

Our projects range in size from retrofits in existing homes of all sizes to very large custom homes and commercial projects. Clients who contract with us to install foam insulation enjoy the multiple benefits provided by our product including improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency (and reduced energy consumption), points toward LEED Certification and the satisfaction of installing an environmentally friendly and conscious product.

We love what we do. We gain a lot of satisfaction from making homes and commercial buildings energy efficient. We know every time we complete a project that we have reduced an individual or company’s consumption of natural gas or electricity up to 50% and we have done something that is positive for the environment.

We encourage everyone who is planning to build a home or a commercial property to seriously look at the benefits of foam insulation. When building a structure, you only get one chance to insulate it properly. Over time our products pay for themselves and keep money in your pocket every month that would otherwise be given to your local power and gas company.