The C&R Advantage

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Advantages of Building Homes with  C&R INSULATION,LLC
• Differentiate from your competition
• Improve sales
• Reduced warranty claims
• Happier customers
• More referrals
• Qualify more buyers with Energy Efficient Mortgage
• Can be sold as an upgrade to any home
• Enhanced reputation
• Marketing power of energy efficient building
• Reduced liability
Energy Efficient Homes Sell
Studies by Honeywell listed energy efficiency in the top ten desired features for home buyers.

We can help you construct a persuasive marketing program that will enhance your sales and upgrade options.
Builders all over the country are finding that energy efficiency is a great selling tool. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are building starter homes or waterfront masterpieces. Affordable homes need to be built as efficient as possible to keep homeownership in the reach of families just starting out. Large custom homes, built for the most discriminating buyer, need to be very energy efficient because these buyers understand that it makes no sense to waste money on utility costs.

Programs such as Energy Star Homes, a program of the U. S. Department of Energy and EPA has tremendous recognition among the public. Linking up with Energy Star will make selling your homes a simple matter. The American Lung Association has their Health Home program that appeals to those with allergies and respiratory problems. Both these programs encourage energy saving features.

Mold has become a huge concern for builders all over the country. With homeowner’s insurance policies excluding mold coverage, they are going after the builders to pay for remediation of mold problems. A relatively small mold problem can cost nearly $10,000. A serious problem can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Energy efficient homes help reduce the potential for mold growth.