Roof Cleaning Service

Chemical Roof Cleaning Service

Your house is most likely your biggest investment and your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your house. It is extremely important to have the utmost in confidence in your decision before hiring a qualified roof cleaning contractor.

chemical roof cleaning marylandC&R Insulation only uses chemicals approved by the ARMA and shingle manufacturers and do not use pressure on asphalt shingles. C&R Insulation will also provide our customers with technical bulletins directly from and shingle manufacturers to prove that our procedures and chemicals are properly formulated for roof cleaning. Our chemicals provide enough cleaning power to remove all mold, mildew, and streaks…without pressure washing or heavy rinsing.

Pressure washing is NOT recommended because it will remove a large amount of the ceramic coated granules from your shingles, which will void the warranty. Even low pressure will cause granule loss and shorten the life of your shingles. If you have ever cleaned out the inside of your gutters you will notice granules in them just from the rain taking them off. Think what any additional pressure would do to your roof.

chemical roof cleaning virginiaFor instance, you see someone cleaning a roof with so-called “low” pressure and biodegradable chemicals and it appears they have done a good job just because the streaks and discoloration are gone, but guess what? So is a large amount of the protective ceramic coated granules which insures the shingle’s warranty. The roof will no longer have the original 20-30 year warranty the customer paid for. Thousands of dollars are spent each year replacing and repairing damage caused by under skilled operators and companies who over sold their knowledge and capabilities.

Depending on how corrosive the chemicals they were using and the amount of pressure was applied to the shingles, a 20-30 year warranty roof may only have enough ceramic coated granules to last 5-15 years. There is no telling how much damage they have done until 5-15 years later the roof has deteriorated prematurely and must be replaced MUCH MUCH sooner than it should have. Make sure your roof’s warranty will not be compromised by hiring a qualified professional who really knows what they are doing, has references, the proper documents from the RCIA, ARMA, and shingles manufacturers to PROVE it.

chemical roof cleaning washington dcAlways use a ‘chemical only’ cleaning process for your roof. Roof cleaning is a completely different trade from pressure washing requiring different pumps, plumbing, hoses, nozzles, valves, chemicals, caution, knowledge, experience, skill, and insurance. The certified RCIA roof cleaners have all of the necessary tools, and have learned from the best roof cleaning professionals in the country.